Written by Maastricht University, vaccinatie

Our book “Inducing Immunity” published by MIT-Press

On March 26, our book Inducing Immunity? Justifying Immunization Policies in Times of Vaccine Hesitancy, co-authored with Marcel Verweij, was published by MIT-Press in the Basic Bioethics series.

The book discusses the question under which circumstances immunization must be made mandatory in times of vaccine hesitancy, and how constitutional democracies can design and implement immunization policies in a practical, trustworthy, and democratic way.

“This book provides a very nuanced philosophical and legal analysis of vaccine mandates, with a balanced assessment of the positive and negative ethical implications of such policies.”

Alberto Giubilini, Senior Research Fellow, Oxford University; author of The Ethics of Vaccination

The book is also available in open access (CC-BY-NC-ND)..

Inducing Immunity? delivers the most philosophically sound defense of vaccine mandates yet offered in the literature.”

Mark Navin, Professor and Chair of Philosophy, Oakland University; author of Values and Vaccine Refusal