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August 2022–  
Professor of Legal Philosophy, the Faculty of Law of Maastricht University and head of the Department of Foundations and Methods of Law (as of 1 September). press release.

September 2009–August 2022         
Associate professor of Legal Philosophy, Department of General Jurisprudence of the Faculty of Law of the University of Amsterdam and Director of the Paul Scholten Centre for Jurisprudence, in the Faculty of Law, University of Amsterdam, (2013, onwards-2022).

Assistent Professor of political theory, Department of Political Sciende, UD politieke theorie, Afdeling Politicologie, Radboud University Nijmegen.

Assistant Professor of legal theory, Faculty of Law of Tilburg University (tenured May 2003).

Post-doc fellow (on an NWO grant) Tilburg University Law School (0.8 Fte).

Research fellow and member of the management team, Pioneer Research Group The Importance of Ideals in Law, Morality, and Politics (P.I. Wibren van der Burg), Tilburg University (0.8 Fte).

Ph.D. supervision

Geoff Gordon (International Law, VU University) Innate Cosmopolitanism: Mapping a Latent Theory of World Norms in International Law, co-supervised with prof. Wouter Werner. The thesis was successfully defended in April 2013. Geoff was Assistant Professor in international legal theory at the VU University Amsterdam and currently works as a senior researcher at ASSER institute.

Hadassa Noorda (Legal Philosophy, UvA) Thinking War in the 21st Century: Introducing Non-State Actors in Just War Theory, co-supervised with prof. Marc de Wilde. Het proefschrift is succesvol verdedigd in oktober 2016. In het academiejaar 2015/6 was Hadassa de Dworkin-Balzan Postdoctoral Fellow at New York University, daarna was ze NWO Rubicon Fellow bij Rutgers University. Op dit moment werkt Hadassa als UD strafrecht aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam.

Tamar de Waal (Legal Philosophy, UvA) Conditional Belonging: A Legal-Philosophical Inquiry into Integration Requirements for Immigrants in Europe, co-supervised with prof. Marc de Wilde en prof. Will Kymlicka. Het proefschrift is succesvol verdedigd in september 2017. Na haar promotie werd Tamar UD rechtsfilosofie aan de Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam en sinds april 2019 is ze UD rechtsfilosofie aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam. 

Lars Nickelson (Political Theory in the Political Science Department, UvA, (2014–) From Liberty to Equality. The resolution of religious exemption disputes in normative theory and Dutch parliamentary debates,co-supervised with  dr Marcel Maussen (UvA).

Steven Kraaijeveld (political Philosophy and Public Health Ethics, 2018–) on the ethical analysis and justification of altruistic vaccination strategies, co-supervised with Prof. Marcel Verweij (Philosophy Wageningen University). 

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